What To Do In Tioman

What To Do In Tioman

What to do in Tioman – Best things to do in Tioman


Tioman island is home to some of the best beaches in Malaysia and it is a popular scuba diving spot. You can reach here by taking a ferry from Mersing jetty which will take about an hour and a half to reach. Below is the list of ‘Best things to do in Tioman’.


Tioman is known for its beautiful golden, sandy beaches, which makes the island a great holiday destination. It is a nice place to relax on these quiet, tranquil beaches because it is not a populated area, hence there won’t be much disturbance and you can just lay on the beaches to sunbath or just have some peaceful moments to yourself. Paya, Panuba and Juara beach are some of the best beaches in Tioman which you should visit.

Discover the abundance of marine life diversity in Tioman by scuba diving or snorkelling which are the most popular things to do when you are in Tioman. It is the best way to get close up with the marine life and admire the beautiful sea creatures and the corals. Palau Tioman is perfect for such water activities because of the superb conditions of the water, which makes it ideal to dive or snorkel. If you would like to do scuba diving, B&J and Tioman dive centre are the best diving centres in Tioman. While if you want to try snorkelling, you can visit Renggis Island, Marine park, Salang beach or Malang rocks.

Asah or Mukut waterfalls tops the list for the best waterfalls in Tioman Island. The feeling of serenity you can get from this waterfall, is just unbelievably nice. The chirping of birds and the greenery around you, makes it all worthwhile. You can even take a refreshing dip at the end of the waterfall if you like!


These are just some activities that you may like to do in Tioman. Snorkelling, diving, beaches, and nature describes this beautiful Island. Tioman is where you want to go if you love nature. It is simply breathtaking…

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