Tioman Dive Centre

Tioman Dive Centre

Tioman Dive Centre – One of the Best Dive Centre in Tioman Island


Pulau Tioman waters are home to colourful coral reefs, beautiful fishes and clear, calm waters, which make Tioman one of the best diving sites in Malaysia. The water is so clear that visibility is 10 to 15 meters, and you can see up to 30 metres away in the periods from March to April and September to October.

Tioman Island is the best place to go to unwind and relax as it is very peaceful and serene. You will fall in love with this tranquil island.

There are many diving centres in Tioman Island – but Tioman Dive Centre is one of the best dive centres. Being in operation for the last 25 years, you can definitely trust the instructors with their vast teaching experience.


The centre is mainly focused on the three areas which are:

  • Diver Training

They offer a complete range of PADI-certified courses in which you will be provided Dive Master Certification after the completion of the course. They also have different courses for the different levels – beginner, intermediate and advance. For beginners, you may want to try their padi discover scuba diving course. They will be going through with you, a basic theory which you will need to know for diving and a open water dive. This course is suitable for any new divers. Another popular course taken by beginners is the padi open water which you will get a world-wide recognised certification once you complete the course. You do not need to worry about anything, they have the best diving instructors in Tioman who are certified to train you in a proper way.

  • Leisure Diving

For leisure diving, the instructors will take you around to different dive sites where you will be able to see the beautiful coral reefs, turtles and lots of different tropical fishes. You will be able to experience the best of Tioman island with the instructors’ experience and familiarity with the waters!

  • Environmental Awareness

There are several environmental efforts put into protecting the marine animals in Tioman Island. Tioman Dive Centre practice responsible diving practices, and so must their divers, which will be done by educating them about environmental awareness and how we can respect the environment. Their efforts goes a long way into letting the future generations experience the beauty of Tioman marine life.


Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to dive in the beautiful waters in Tioman. Tioman Dive Centre has one of the best team of diving instructors who cater to the needs of their students.

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