Things To Do In Port Dickson

Things To Do In Port Dickson

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Best things to do in Port Dickson:


Port Dickson is the perfect weekend getaway for those who just want to relax and unwind on the beautiful beaches. However, this beautiful town also has other hidden gems, check out some of them here!

  1. Visit the military museum:

This museum is one of the most visited attraction in Port Dickson. Not only can you learn about the history of the Malaysia’s military, you can also see the showcase of military vehicles, tanks, helicopters and other articles, which are really cool, and you can even take pictures with them!

  1. Alive 3D Art Gallery:

With over 50 illusion art paintings, you will surely have so much fun taking pictures with the creative art pieces! With 5 different themes, you can explore so many of these beautiful arts painted by extremely talented artists with a sense of humour!

  1. Relax on the beaches:

If you are planning to come to Port Dickson, you definitely will be visiting their beaches, but what are their best beaches? Teluk Kemang beach, Blue Lagoon beach, Pantai Cahaya Negeri and Tanjung Tuan beach are a few of them, and you got to visit these beaches when you are in Port Dickson!

  1. Cape Rachardo lighthouse

The Tanjung Tuan forest reserve track takes you to the oldest Portuguese built lighthouse in Malaysia – the Cape Rachardo lighthouse, it is one of the most iconic attractions in Port Dickson. Known for its beautiful sceneries which you can see from up here and it is an ideal spot for bird watching. Do bring your binoculars along if you want to have a close-up view of the birds!


These are some of the best things to do in Port Dickson. With so many attractions to see here, what are you waiting for? Book a trip to Port Dickson for your next holiday destination!

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