Things to do in Melaka

Things To Do In Melaka

Things To Do In Melaka – Best things to do in Melaka


Melaka is situated in the south of Malaysian peninsula, beside the Straits of Malacca. There are lots of attractions to visit, night markets and restaurants to enjoy delicious local food!


Here are some of the things to do in Melaka:

1. A’Famosa Water Theme Park – The largest water theme park in Malaysia where the fun never ends here! Thrilling water rides and a Safari Wonderland awaits you!

2. Jonker Street – This is a lively street lined with historic houses and is abuzz over the weekends with shops and street vendors selling all kinds of wares and restaurants where you can try different types of local food. Jonker street is popular for its night market which sells many delicious local food and clothes at a cheap price! This should definitely be on your list of ‘Things to do in Melaka’.

3. Stadthuys – This historical structure is located in the Dutch or Red Square in Melaka City. It is popularly known for its red coloured buildings which was influenced by Dutch architecture, when Melaka was ruled by the Dutch.

4. St Paul’s Hill and Church – Next to the Stadthuys and Christ Church is the pathway leading to the top of the Bukit St. Paul hill, where you can witness the ruins of St Paul’s Hill and Church. It is the oldest church in Southeast Asia. This historic church was built in 1521 and today, all that is left are tombstones and a statue of St. Francis Xavier. But what makes this a popular attraction is the stunning view of Melaka city which you can get from up here!

5. Melaka River Cruise – You can take a tour along Melaka River and explore the beautiful city. You can see the traditional Malay village on one side of the river while on the opposite side is an urban city as the Melaka river divides them. It is quite a spectacular sight to see. The river cruise operates daily till late evening. A good time to take the cruise is during sunset. As when the sun goes down, the whole city illuminates with twinkling lights.

6. Menara Taming Sari Revolving Tower – Inaugurated in 2008, this revolving gyro tower is an observation deck that gives a spectacular view of Melaka’s beautiful coastline and its attractions.


These are just some of the things to do in Melaka. Shopping, nightlife, attractions, hiking, temples, museums and golf are other popular things to do in Melaka. Check them out below! Where can you get more fun than Melaka? Visit Melaka today!

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