Things To Do In Ipoh

Things To Do In Ipoh

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Things to do in Ipoh – Best places to visit in Ipoh


Ipoh is the capital city of Perak and it is the third largest city of Malaysia. If you are planning a trip to visit this beautiful country, you can check out some of Ipoh’s highly recommended places of attractions.


Ipoh is famous for its cave temples. Home to over 30 cave temples, Perak Cave Temple, Kek Lok Tong and Sam Poh Tong are some of Ipoh’s most popular ones. Build using the natural cave formation, you will see beautiful stalactites and stalagmites surrounding these cave temples. But that is not all, some of them features an award winning garden, a panoramic view of Ipoh and each has their own little surprises. You can click here to read more about each of Ipoh’s cave temples.

It is one of the top things to do in Ipoh. It is an amazing theme park where you can find almost everything you want in a theme park, or even more than what you expect of a theme park. Featuring both the dry zone which is home to an adventure park and amusement park, and a water theme park, Lost World of Tambun caters to all. But that isn’t all they have, if you love animals, you will be excited to hear that they also have a tiger valley and a petting zoo where you can get up close with these animals. If you are a fan of hot springs, you will also be in for a treat as they have a natural hot spring water in the theme park too, something that you will probably never expect at a theme park, now how exciting is that! You can click here to check out more on Lost world of Tambun.

When you visit Ipoh, you have to visit their street art, it is one of Ipoh’s iconic attractions and you can find them along the Old Town.

Ho Yan Hor and the Han Chin Pet Soo museums narrates a story on Ipoh’s history and heritage. Visit these museums to learn about the history behind Ipoh’s famous tea brand and take a look into the history of the tin mining club in Ipoh.


These are some of the top popularity things to do in Ipoh, and they are what makes Ipoh loved by both locals and tourists! You can also check out more of Ipoh’s attractions below. So, what are you waiting for, book a private limousine to Ipoh today!

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