Things to do in Cameron Highlands

Things to Do in Cameron Highlands

Things to Do in Cameron Highlands

A trip to Malaysia should always include a stop at Cameron Highlands. This mountain area, which takes its name from the British surveyor who was entrusted with its exploration in 1885, is a privileged haven of peace, a cool climate which is so scarce in this country, and above all, a dreamlike landscape. There are many things to do in Cameron Highlands and that is also one of the reasons why it has managed to attract millions of tourists from around the world. Here we have mentioned the best of Cameron Highlands Malaysia.

Yes, because its kilometers and miles of hills covered with tea plantations give rise to one of the most idyllic scenarios one can imagine. Just being in front of them is worth it, but in Cameron Highlands, there are other activities to do. Here are the top things to do In Cameron Highlands. An ideal short vacation with great shopping, food, and activities for all!

Trekking through the Cameron Highlands

The variables for trekking in Cameron are multiple with hiking routes suitable for all audiences and Mossy Forest  would be a good start to enjoy a good trekking experience. Accommodation options are encompassed in the towns of Tanah Rata, Ringlet and Bringchang within the Cameron Highlands Jungle Trail No. 1. These are concentrated in a few kilometers and the road that unites them extends small arms that become paths where to discover the secrets of its forests and peaks.

Experience the Taste of Asia in Cameron Highlands

If you are a food lover and always keen to try and taste delicious sea food, Cameron Highlands has a wide variety of cuisines. There are numerous local restaurants here which offer several varieties and also you will find many small coffee shops and bar where you can hang out with your friends and family for long hours.

Buy Beautiful Gifts for your Loved Ones

Cameron Highland has wide varieties of unique gift items which you can buy for your loved ones. You will find some best delicate and souvenirs items which will surely attract you to buy them. There are also few malls situated in the vicinity like the Cameron Square or Cameron Highland Shopping Mall. You should also visit Air Batang, in which you will find a wide collection of gifts.

Beautiful Sightseeing in Cameron Highlands

Boa Tea Plantation is a place you must visit once, it gives a truly amazing experience altogether. Another place that you can visit and enjoy the awesome beauty would be the Lavender Gardens. On in on enjoying from its cool breeze, friendly locals, and moderate temperature will make your trip worthwhile. If you are an adventurous, you can go on the trekking or you can also just roam around on the streets of Cameron Highlands.

Other things to do in Cameron Highlands

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