St. Paul’s Hill & Church

St. Paul’s Hill & Church

St. Paul’s Hill & Church – St. Paul’s Church in Melaka


Melaka has been known for its cultural diversity. It has quite a number of temples, churches and mosques. One such historic monument, is St. Paul’s Hill and Church. Located near the famous Red Square in the old city centre, there is a pathway leading to the top of the Bukit St. Paul’s hill, where you can witness the ruins of the oldest church in Southeast Asia.

This church was built in the year 1521, by Duarte Coelho, a Portuguese nobleman in dedication to the Virgin Mary for saving him from a sea storm. St Paul’s Hill and Church attracts many tourists every year. It holds many delicately carved tombstones including those of Dutch royals and Malaysia’s most popular missionary, St. Francis Xavier. There is also a marble statue of him in this cathedral.

The church was a practicing Protestant church for more than a hundred years until 1753, when Christ Church was erected. After Christ Church was built, this church was no longer used, and was eventually converted into a burial ground. Not many people know that St Paul’s Hill & Church was the original burial site of St Francis Xavier.


One of the reasons why so many people come to St. Paul’s Hill & Church every year is because of the beautiful views of historical city of Melaka, which can be seen from the top of the hill. So don’t miss this marvellous church when you are in Melaka!

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