Sam Poh Temple

Sam Poh Temple

The Overpowering Sam Poh Temple

A Buddhist temple that is situated in Brinchang. Temple is perfectly built at the hill top and gives you a breath taking view of the whole Brinchang town. Because of the surreal location and the overview of small houses surrounding the hill; it become the most visited place in Cameron, Brinchang. Moreover, Sam Poh Temple happens to be 4th largest built of the country in terms of Buddhist temples and was developed in the year 1972.

The statue of the founder of their religion, Buddhism, is magnificently held inside the Sam Poh Temple. It is excellently maintained by the monks and residents and is a really beautiful temple. In order to gain some peaceful and serene time, make a trip to this flawless place. It houses glorious and noble statues and also maintains a burning incense of Chinese and Buddhist who are resting in peace now. Furthermore, some great brass deities that is quiet similar to the beliefs of other religions can also be found here. You can’t help but appreciate all the majestic structures present there.

This peaceful composition has become the favourite attraction mostly for local Chinese and tourists from Singapore. People also majorly come here to admire the grandiose oriental architecture and to offer prayers inside the Temple for love and harmony. However, make sure you remove your shoes before entering the holy place.

Breathtaking Sunset

If you manage to reach this beautiful Sam Poh Temple during the time of sunset, then one can witness a breathtaking view of the holy temple, as the sun radiates and highlights the temple giving an illusion of a structure made of pure gold. Also, the humongous idols of god, looks as authentic as possible. You will also whole heartedly appreciate the adorned insides that are decorated with multiple Buddha motifs.

Turtle Pond

The Buddhist temple in Cameron highlands is also home to a turtle pond, where visitors are given the opportunity to balance their karma and reincarnate themselves by releasing turtles in this pure turtle pond. Moreover, if you venture further, you will come across a pond that is filled with large Koi. The koi happens to be unmistakeably the greatest attraction in Sam Poh Temple. The fishes are said to be quiet humongous. These pompous and outstanding fishes tend to swim closer to you once you move your fingers inside the water making it a captivating and overwhelming site to watch.

Sam Poh Temple is Cameron Highland’s largest religious structure! You can also admire a great view overlooking Brinchang town. Don’t wait any longer to visit this exceptional place.

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