River Safari Singapore

River Safari Singapore

River Safari Singapore – Asia’s one and only river-themed zoo


Singapore is well known not only for its wonderful shopping experience, but also for its zoos and diversity of wildlife. There are many unique and different themed zoos in Singapore like the Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari Singapore. Check out what makes River Safari one of the most exciting zoo in Singapore:

River Safari is the first river-themed zoo in Singapore that allows you to experience wildlife and take pictures of these animals while taking a tour along the river. Opened in the year 2012, River Safari Singapore makes the latest addition to two other award-winning wildlife parks in Singapore, namely the Night Safari and Singapore Zoo. This river-themed zoo is one of its kind in Asia!

River Safari has a beautiful rainforest surrounding it and consists of the world’s ten different ecosystems including the Rivers Nile, Mississippi, Yangtze and Amazon among others. It has more than six thousand animals including forty plus endangered species and also the world’s largest freshwater aquarium. The many animals inhabiting in River Safari Singapore include the anacondas, jaguars, West Indian manatees, electric eels, squirrel monkeys, Chinese salamander, Mekong giant catfish, piranhas, beavers, etc. The pair of Giant Pandas (Jia Jia and Kai Kai) are the main tourist attraction in River Safari. They reside in the Giant Panda Forest, along with the cuddly Red Pandas as their companions, in an exclusively-made area where the temperature is carefully controlled, to ensure optimum conditions.

You can also take the ‘Amazon River Quest’ where you will embark on a river quest along the amazing Amazon river – the world’s largest river. The boat ride will take you to see the wonders of the Amazon wilderness. Keep a lookout for maned wolf, jaguars, capybaras, red howler monkeys, Brazilian tapirs and many other animals which are native to the Amazon river. There is also a River Safari Cruise beside this attraction, that takes you around the borders of Singapore Zoo and Night safari where you can get to see magnificent Asian elephants and elegant giraffes.


The marvellous creatures in River Safari Singapore is sure to delight you and your kids! So, come on down with your whole family today and enjoy this special experience together! Opened daily from 10am-7pm, don’t miss this attraction when you are here!

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