Perak Cave Temple

Perak Cave Temple

Experience the beautiful Perak Cave Temple


Ipoh is well known for its beautiful cave temples. Did you know that there are over 30 cave temples in Ipoh! But which are the more famous ones? Well, Perak Cave Temple is definitely one of them! Perak Cave Temple which is also known as Perak Tong Temple, is one of the oldest yet most beautiful temples in Ipoh. Built within a limestone cave, it is one of the more popular tourist spot in Ipoh.

Here is a little story about the history of Perak Tong. The temple was built in the year 1926 by a ‘Buddhist priest’ from China, named Chong Sen Yee, together with the help of his wife. After their death, their son Chong Yin Chat took over the development of the temple and made it an international tourist spot which it is today, and one of the best cave temples in Malaysia.


Inside Perak Cave Temple:

After you climb the steps, you have to pass through a narrow entrance. This entrance opens to a huge space with higher dome and branches to unseen grottoes and recesses. You will see a huge 40 ft Buddha statue in a sitting position and seated around him is 4 guardian deities. Cavern walls are decorated with murals portraying events and characters from Buddhist’s scriptures and Chinese mythology. You will also witness some beautiful calligraphy on the walls, which was painted by priest’s son, Chong Yin Chat himself. The stunning limestone stalagmites and stalactites, is definitely one of its main attraction! The colourful lighting placed at certain areas, adds to the beautify of the limestone features. Behind this main alter, there is a 450 steps stairway which brings you to the peak where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Ipoh city. There is also a landscape garden and a lovely pond in front of the temple.


This highly recommended tourist attraction is definitely worth a visit!

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