Penang Top Beaches

Penang Top Beaches

Penang Top Beaches – Most popular beaches in Penang


No doubt Penang has many beautiful skyscrapers, but if you would like to visit and explore a different side of Penang, and be close to nature, then you got to visit Penang’s top beaches! Check out some of them below:


Batu Ferringhi is one of Penang Top Beaches, and an extremely popular destination among beach lovers. What makes Batu Ferringhi so popular is not solely because of its beautiful beach, and water activities but even more so, the convenience it brings to its visitors. You can find dining options, spa therapy, shopping, and the famous night market on this beach. There are plenty of things that you can do here, and can easily spend the whole day on this beach.

Located inside the Penang National Park is the Kerachut Beach, which is also known as the Turtle Beach or Pantai Kerachut. It is a long stretch of soft, smooth white sandy beach and this is the beach to go if you prefer a more tranquil setting. What makes Kerachut Beach special, is that it is home to a turtle sanctuary – a conservation project for turtles, and you can visit the sanctuary if you are interested! It is situated just behind the beach, but do take note of its opening hours if you are going to the sanctuary.

  • Monkey Beach

It is accessible via a 3-4 hours hike from Penang National Park or you can also rent a boat to get there. The name Monkey Beach was given because of the crab-eating Macaques that live here. You can try some water sports or go for fishing on this beach.


These are Penang’s most popular beaches, so, why not visit them when you are here?

Popular beaches in Penang

Batu Ferringhi

Batu Ferringhi 

Kerachut Beach

Kerachut Beach

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