Penang Snake Temple

Penang Snake Temple

By Khalzuri Yazid from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Penang Snake Temple – Penang’s famous Snake Temple


Planning a trip to Penang? Penang Snake Temple is an attraction you got to visit when you are here! As the name suggests, this famous Snake Temple is not your ordinary temple… It is a Chinese Buddhist temple that comes with a little ‘slithering’ surprise!

The Snake Temple was built in 1850 by a man named David Brown who donated generously to the temple. He wanted to build a temple to worship a Buddhist monk named Chor Soo Kong, who treated him of an incurable disease. The Chinese regarded him in high esteem because of his wonderful virtue, spiritual enlightenment, greatness and in giving. He was deified when his prayers came true, and he ended an extreme drought situation in the Fujian province. This temple, dedicated to Chor Soo Kong, was named the Snake Temple when snakes in the jungle surrounding the area came, and started to take shelter in this temple and today it is home to many vipers and a couple of other species of snakes.

But you don’t have to worry about the snakes. The large amount of incense burnt in the temple acts as a tranquiliser to these venomous vipers and they are said to be defanged already.  If you head to the back of the temple, you will see lots of fruit trees and snakes coiled on their branches. But please refrain from touching them as it might be fatal. If you are a fan of snakes, you can take a closer look at the snakes at the small exhibition space next door where you can have picture taken with the defanged snakes if you would like to, at a cost of around RM30.

Penang Snake Temple is opened from 6am to 7pm everyday. Do take note that there is an admission fee of RM3 for kids and for adults it is RM5. But regardless, you have to visit this famous Snake Temple when you are here!

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