Penang Golf Courses

Penang Golf Courses

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Penang is known for its rich heritage and history, and its title as the ‘food paradise’ of Malaysia. However, if you are planning to come into Penang to play golf, here are some highly recommended golf courses in Penang that you can consider!


Opened in the year 1984, it is home to an 18 hole championship golf course. Penang Golf Club is one of the most recognised golf clubs on the island. Demanding for a high level of accuracy from its players, this compact golf course may not be as easy as it seems. With steep gradient changes along the slope, it will requires alot of skill to make a perfect shot! Conveniently located only 10 minutes away from the Penang Airport, many golfers love to come here for a golf session, and you will love it too!

Choose from 2 different courses – home to a lake course and the hill course, each one sets for a different challenge. The lake course has more water hazards while the hill course presents more undulating fairways and obstacles along the way, so choose your course and take up the challenge! Bukit Jawi Golf Resort is another great vacation for all golfers.

  • Kulim Golf & Country Resort

Although this golf resort may not be as popular as Penang Golf Club and Bukit Jawi Golf Resort, it is also a nice place for golf. You can enjoy the beautiful surroundings around this 27 hole internationally-recognised course. Besides, it is also relatively near the airport, only 15 minutes away! So, why not give it a shot?


So, these are some of the more popular golf courses in Penang. However, why not also have a tour around this beautiful country which has plenty of attractions, while you are here? You can check out Penang’s top attractions here!

Popular golf courses in Penang

Bukit Jawi Golf Resort

Bukit Jawi Golf Resort

Penang Golf Club

Penang Golf Club

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