Penang Golf Club

Penang Golf Club

Penang Golf Club – Top golf courses in Penang


Looking for a nice place to play golf in Penang? How about Penang Golf Club? It is home to one of the best, and most popular golf clubs in Penang!  Designed by the very talented architect, named Robert Trent Jones Jr, Penang Golf Club has a strong reputation as an 18-hole championship course. It held the 31st Malaysian Open professional tournament in the year 1992! This beautiful golf club is a true tropical beauty and a work of art. Best of all, it is only situated 10 minutes away from Penang International Airport!

Penang Golf Club offers a spectacular view of Penang Island, so you can play golf while enjoying Penang’s landscape in the distance. It has an interesting mix of urban landscape and city views. The golf club is located on a hilly area, and surrounded by buildings, yet it overlooks the suburbs and offers a view of the beautiful sea, towards mainland Malaysia.

Although the golf course is fairly compact, that does not stop golf lovers from coming to this attractive golf club here every year. The greens on Penang Golf Club is undulating and larger, also the cart paths are outstretched and lengthened, which gives more allowance and flexibility for golfers. However, it may not be as easy as it looks, because this golf course favours accuracy over distance off the tee. The up-slope elevation and dramatic downhill along the course definitely requires some good skills and experience.  If you love to challenge yourself, where accuracy is the best bet, then this course it made just for you! With a hint of spice that you may not notice at first, you will definitely grow to like this golf course which ‘looks simple but not so easy to handle’!

Enjoy the challenge of the golf course along with a stunning panaromic view of the island to savour. at Penang Golf Club is a golfer’s paradise!

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