Penang Ghost Museum

Penang Ghost Museum

Penang Ghost Museum – Penang’s horror-themed museum


There are many museums to visit in Penang, but if you want to experience a more ‘special’ type of museum, then how about a horror museum? Penang Ghost Museum is definitely not the usual kind of museums, so get ready to be scared, but don’t pee on your pants!

This ghost-themed museum is located on Lebuh Melayu Street in the city of Georgetown. Put your bravery to the test at Penang Ghost Museum! Opened in 2015, Penang Ghost Museum is the first of its kind in the country and it is a real treat to fans of horror.

Featuring horrors and mythical evils of world-renowned monsters and ghosts, this museum is not for the faint-hearted, so enter at your own risk! But I hope this does not put you off, because if so, you will be missing out on all the fun!

There are different sections in Penang Ghost Museum, including ‘ghosts’ from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Ancient Egypt and Japan. You will be introduced to ghosts such as the Headless Ghost, Hantu Pisang, Orang Minyak, Pontianak, Toyol, Pocong, Big Foot, Kappa, Chinese Zombie, even Vampires and Mummies among others. The last section of the Penang Ghost Museum ends off with a Halloween setting – pumpkin faces, evil trees and witches. You will learn about the history and the moral story behind all these ghost too, how interesting indeed…

The interiors of the Penang Ghost Museum are dimly lit, scary, gory and bloody along with special fog effects and strobe lights flashing, so you have the whole ‘being with ghost’ spine-chilling experience. You can even try on some of the ghost costumes they have there and take pictures in them! Dress up as a ghost and it is now your turn to scare your friends! There are various props and costumes suiting the surroundings available at Penang Ghost Museum for you to use and blend in the scary environment, if you would like to.

Penang Ghost Museum is a must-visit tourist attraction that offers a fun time for friends and family. Click and take as many interesting photographs with all the ‘ghosts’ and create many ‘frightening’ but super fun memories!


Opened everyday from ten in the morning to seven in the evening, make your trip down to Penang Ghost Museum with your horror buddies today!

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