Penang Botanical Gardens

Penang Botanical Gardens

The lovely Penang Botanical Gardens


Rated as one of the top few attractions to visit in Penang, the Penang Botanical Gardens is a great place for all to visit! It is also commonly known as the Waterfall Gardens, Penang Botanical Gardens came into existence in the year 1884 – a history of more than 100 years!

It was established by a British man, named Charles Curtis, who transformed what used to be an ancient granite quarry into this beautiful garden, which you see today! Home to a large diversity of flora and fauna, Penang Botanical Gardens is a lovely place to visit, and be away from the hustle and bustle of urban city. The tranquility of the gardens and the fresh air is a refreshing experience! You can enjoy a nice stroll in the garden, just relaxing and admiring the beauty of the plants and the serenity.

The Botanic Gardens is more than just about its flora and fauna, it is also used for conservation projects, training, educating the public, and even to learn about landscape development and horticulture.

One can easily spend a couple of hours here admiring the plants and enjoy a morning walk, and best of all, entrance to the garden is free! The best time to visit Penang Botanic Garden is probably on Tuesdays, Thurdays and Saturdays, between 9am – 12.30pm or 2pm to 4.30pm as the enclosed areas, which has more beautiful flowers grown, are closed during lunch hours, and will not be opened everyday.

Also, do keep a lookout for the cheeky monkeys that might appear. It is always good to keep your belongings close to you at all times, and please avoid bringing food in for your safety.


Overall, Penang Botanical Gardens is one place that you should definitely not miss out on when you are in Penang! So, make your way down today, and admire the beauty of nature!

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