Museums In Cameron Highland

Museums in Cameron Highland

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Visit the Popular Museums in Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands is the largest hill station in Malaysia and is named after British surveyor. William Cameron who discovered it in 1885. People come here to enjoy the cool environment and outdoor activities like camping and hiking. There are many tourist attractions here to visit including museums that give you a better insight of a little history of Cameron Highlands.

Museums in Cameron Highlands 

Time Tunnel Museum

This popular museum in Cameron Highlands was founded in the year 2007 by well-known See Kok Shan, which is known to be one of the first museums based on memorabilia of its kind in Malaysia. It displays artefacts collectibles reminding of Cameron Highlands’ history and culture heritage. There are many ancient photos of Cameron Highlands and posters from the Emergency time.

As well as interesting information on the original inhabitants called Orang Asli. There are also important people are also included in this museum such as Jim Thompson, the American silk businessman, who disappeared from here in 1967, as well as P. Ramlee a renowned and an influential musician.

Do you love the olden time? There are lots of items and brands which can take you back in time in the olden days such as cigarette cases, soft drink and beer bottles, ceramic toys etc. Sounds interesting? Click here to read more on Cameron Highland Time Tunnel Museum.

Agro Technology Park in MARDI 

The Malaysian Research and Development Institute (MARDI) turned this former British research station into an Agrotechnology park. It is spread over forty-two hectares and its the oldest research station in the country. The well maintained park in Tanah Rata is sectioned into six areas:

  • The English garden
  • Herb garden, Rose garden
  • Orchid garden
  • An information centre
  • Research centre

It also houses many varieties of different fruits and flowers, farmlands, nurseries and even a tea plantation. You can even book a stay in English type cottages for a shot holiday with the nature. Start you relaxing journey in the agro technology park.

Mah Meri Art Gallery

This gallery showcases the exquisiteness of wood in the form of wood carvings and handicrafts. The wood work are by the native Mah Meri people of Carey Island in Malaysia. The Mah Meri art gallery exhibits is a private compilation of mangrove wood works, sculptures, carvings, statues and masks, it is a must-see for all art enthusiasts and wood lovers.

Even if you are not an art enthusiasts, you will certainly admire the simple yet intricate workmanship and original designs of all the items displayed in this gallery. You can find that a lot of these wooden artworks are awarded with the SEAL of Excellence from UNESCO. So you can ensure that all the wood work are unique and worth buying for collection.

No matter what, it will be worth while to visit this art gallery when you are in Cameron Highland to enjoy this unique wood work by the native Mah Meri people.

Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm 

This bee farm is located in the town of Tringkap near Brinchang in Cameron Highlands. This apiary is famous for its honey and a small museum that showcases items, tools and artefacts relating to bee keeping industry. You can learn all about the production and advantages of honey and of course you can even take home honey products and other souvenirs from shop near the entrance of the bee farm. So if you love honey and want to know more about how honey comes about, this Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm is a place to visit.

So what you are wanting for? Visit Museums in Cameron Highland to have a better understanding of Cameron Highland in the past. Take a trip to a little history of Cameron Highland while you are there.

Here is one of the more popular museums in Cameron Highlands

Time Tunnel Museum

Time Tunnel Museum

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