Mrs. Robertson’s Rose Garden

Mrs. Robertson’s Rose Garden

A Heaven that is Maintained in Mrs. Robertson’s Rose Garden

Cameron highlands must have taken you for a ride. But don’t weary yet if you haven’t been to Mrs. Robertson’s Rose Garden as the view of this garden filled with stunning fresh flowers is outright spectacular. Bright colorful sunflowers that look like sentinels or be it the salmon hibiscus trees; it’s all charming to look at. This amazing garden blissfully specializes in eponymous flowers which is so worthy of a tour through the hill top that offers you excellent views. Your itinerary cannot avoid this lovely garden filled with scarlet and Queen Victoria flowers.

Moreover, the terrace of this rose valley has been expanded over ten levels and discloses a beautiful chilly weather making it the favourite spot for quite a number of visitors. You would find it difficult to believe but as a matter of fact this large garden is the king of 100 different kinds of roses at the same time flaunting colors like green and black which is unimaginable. This beautiful garden also spreads joy with its mild and pleasurable fragrance. It also showcases innumerable unique species of roses as well as orchids that you have never seen before. Undoubtedly, Mrs. Robertson’s Rose Garden has become the most appreciated garden in today’s time.

Some flowers here have emerged in unique shapes and sizes that led to their naming like ‘ladies shoe’ and ‘butterfly’. This venture will most certainly be an exhilarating experience as it also offers you with precious stuffs like potted plants, amazing souvenirs and of course fresh roses. You will treasure your visit to Rose Garden in Cameron Highland simply because nobody dislikes flowers; it’s the best thing to spend your time with.

Take Attractive Photos

Also the kind of attractive pictures you can click in this colorful place is unexplainable; you will most definitely make a lot of people jealous once you are back. Moreover, the place is so perfectly maintained that you’d spend hours analysing and admiring Mrs. Robertson’s Rose Garden yet you will not consummate the impeccable site completely.

Furthermore, the exotic flowers like carnations and camellias too are part of this flawless garden that holds a rare site and is not easily found everywhere. This pretty site is also accompanied by vegetable patches, highland flora and huge plants of cactus.

Mrs. Robertson’s Rose Garden has a beautiful terrace garden and is the largest Rose Garden with a huge variety of roses. This colorful view from the terrace is nothing less than a paradise and it is a must for everyone to have a taste of it.

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