Mossy Forest

Mossy Forest

The Wonderful and Breathtaking Mossy Forest

Usually the situation after coming back home from a long vacation is tiresome and you just want to rest in your room with a cup of tea. But this won’t be the case when you return from an adventure that took place in Mossy Forest. Reaching the peak of the mountains and witnessing the magnificent view around you is something you will long for after you come back. The explorative walks through the forest that reveals to you exotic and amazing floras like orchids, spices, pitcher plant, medicinal plants and primitive ferns are really satisfying.

The Peak

The low hanging clouds and eerie atmosphere is what you are welcomed by in this forest once you reach the peak. Also being in 2000 meters, Gunung Brinchang faces loads of rains that satisfy the plants covering its beautiful slopes. This dewy environment makes the whole ambiance more surreal. Your path through the mossy forest gives your eyes a site of tall ancient trees that are draped with brimming layers of ferns, moss and lichen giving an illusion of elegant green gowns.

Moreover, slender arms and intricate leaves that sway each time the wind touches them are a site to see when in Mossy forest. The forest executes two trails from which one is for a broad walk and the other one is for hikers. Hiking in Cameron Highland will most certainly be the best decision of your life. While hiking can at times turn challenging, nevertheless it is rewarding.

The Experience

When you hike in Mossy forest, beautiful views, fresh air, and scenic landscapes and of course the feeling of peace and pleasure confine you within. Different trails here will take you through different jungles, also through one trail you can come across rivers, waterfalls and scenery of great vegetation. However one should always keep a check of the weather before visiting mossy forest as the moss blanket at the trees and slopes can turn slippery and dangerous. The good thing is, the forest has paths that are well paved and comprises of bridges and wooden steps to explore it comfortably.

Helpful trip

  1. Use of sunscreen and insect repellent is essential
  2. Before going ahead with any trail, know about the instructions.
  3. Carry stuffs like medicines, water, sunglasses, scarf or cap, band aids, snacks and torch.
  4. During the month of December and January, trails are shut.

Love to hike? Mossy Forest is one of the most beautiful hiking spots in Cameron highland. Get ready for some great adventures.

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