Melaka Museums

Melaka Museums

Melaka Museums – Popular museums in Melaka


No one wants to visit a country, yet return without knowing anything about its history and culture. Hence most of the tourist who come to Melaka for a holiday, will also visit their museums. After all, a visit to the museums will be the best place to learn about the architecture, history, traditions and culture of the country. Hence, apart from indulging in the delicious local food and seeing the attractions, you might also want to visit some of Melaka museums too.


Here are some of the popular museums to visit in Melaka:

1. Kampung Morten-Villa Sentosa
This is one of the museums that you definitely should visit when you are in Melaka. Villa Sentosa is a ‘living museum’, it is not an ordinary museum. You can visit the village, interact with the locals living in the village and experience their way of living. It is truely an eye-opener as you can see what a traditional Malay village look like. Sadly, there are not many of them left today, as most of them have been modernised.

You will be warmly welcomed into their house. They will show you around their house and may even generously share with you their family history and the Malay culture. It will be  interesting to see the decors and furniture, their collection of trinkets and ornaments. It gives you so much more knowledge about the Malay culture.


2. Melaka Sultanate Palace

This museum lets you have a feel of the life of Malacca’s sultanate ruler, who used to rule Malacca before the Portuguese arrived. This replica gives you a great opportunity to glimpse into the royal Malay kingdom of the past.


3. Stadthuys

This red building was used by the Dutch government as an administrative center, about 300 years ago when Melaka was under the control of the Dutch. This is a huge tourist spot as many of them love to come here as it is a nice place to take pictures. The red paintings  show the Dutch architecture influence. Most of the archictures around Stadthuys are painted red, even the souvenir shops and Christ Church.


These are just some of Melaka museums. Check out below to see a list of all the popular museums in Melaka!

Malacca Heritage Centre

Malacca Heritage Centre

Malacca Sultanate Palace

Melaka Sultanate Palace

Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum

Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum



Soak up in Melaka’s culture; learn about the history of Melaka in Melaka’s museums. Where else would be a better place to learn about a country’s culture and traditions?

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