Me and Mrs Jones Café

Me and Mrs Jones Café

Me and Mrs Jones Café in Melaka


Chilled beer, blues music and rock & roll live performance, is the essence of a great night, and you can enjoy all of these at Me and Mrs Jones Café. You will be warmly received by the owners, who always make you feel at home. What is so great about Me and Mrs Jones Café, is that anyone can jam along with the resident band, and have fun! You will have the time of your life here!

The cafe is vibrant and the energy around here is always so great. The owners never fail to engage the guests and make them feel comfortable around here. They are always so joyful that you can’t help but smile when you are here. It makes you want to come back to this place again.

The talented 60 years old owner is the man behind all the music. He can play six instruments – piano, trumpet, violin, guitar, harmonica, and drums. Not only can he play those instruments well, he also sings well. You will be surprised! If you are looking for some hard rock music, Mr Tan (the owner) is the real deal!

Me and Mrs. Jones cafe can’t fill your tummy, but it certainly fills your heart. They do not serve a food menu. But what is on their menu are drinks, laughter and a whole lot of fun! The cosy, warm atmosphere will be one of your best time.


Be prepared for a crazy night at Me and Mrs Jones cafe. Join in the fun and don’t let there be any regrets! An unforgettable evening awaits you.

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