Marina Barrage Singapore

Marina Barrage Singapore

Have a fun filled day at Marina Barrage Singapore


Marina Barrage is the 15th reservoir built in Singapore. The main purposes of this Marina catchment are for flood control, ensuring a reliable source of water supply for generations to come, and for recreation activities. You can join a free educational tour to learn more about the importance of this catchment area. It is also a great place for picnics, kite flying and water sports such as kayaking, canoeing and dragon boating. Not only is this recreation spot a popular spot among Singaporeans who love to come here for their gatherings and family time, it has also become one of the highly-rated tourists attraction. Since its opening in 2008, it has attracted many frequent visitors.

One of the favourite activity to do here is kite flying: this open rooftop area makes it perfect for flying kites, as there are no obstacles. What you get here are just clear skies and a continuous flow of breeze, that never ceases. You can see many people flying their kites, which come in different shapes and sizes. Marina Barrage is a place where kite lovers with the same hobbies gather around.

Others who come to Marina Barrage will definitely have a picnic here. You will see families playing a game of cards, or flying kites, while others sit around in a cool, shady area and enjoy some picnic time. It is such a nice place to relax, which is why this place is always so crowded in the weekends. Catch the yolk sun goes down as the sun starts to set and the night slowly sets in. Marina Barrage creates one of the most romantic settings at dawn, as you lay comfortably on your picnic mats to gaze into the sky and watch the beautiful stars twinkling high above you, along with the stunning city lights and Singapore’s skyline – where you can see the MBS, Singapore Flyer and Supertree Groove.


The beauty of the Marina Barrage is simply irresistible, bring along your family and friends and have a nice gathering session here!

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