Malacca Heritage Centre

Malacca Heritage Centre

By Ken Walker (Own work) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

Malacca Heritage Centre – A glimpse into the history of Melaka


Malacca Heritage Centre gives you a glimpse into the history of Melaka. The history of Melaka cannot be told in a better way than this. Get transported back in time in Malacca Heritage Centre, to the period when Melaka was younger. It gives a fascinating insight into the lives of the Baba Nyonya people at that time.

The heritage centre has been looked after and well maintained. The house showcases simplicity, several personal collections have been restored carefully. When you visit Malacca Heritage Centre, you will realise that it’s a place completely unaffected by time and is totally immaculate.

The meticulous maintenance at this unique heritage is very commendable. Melaka Heritage Centre is still considered an ancestral home to many. The beauty of the objects on display reflects the great qualities of the Peranakan culture.

You can also look at the beautiful Peranakan wedding costumes worn by the Baba and Nyonya during their wedding ceremony. Also, as you walk around Melaka Heritage Centre, you can see the wedding paraphernalia and Ranjang loksan (bridal bed) that is elaborately decorated with embroidery, intricate beads and tassels.

This Unique Melaka’s Heritage Centre is worth visiting in Melaka as you will definitely come out of the museum with a better understanding of the Peranakan culture.


Get a glimpse into Melaka’s history at Melaka Heritage Centre where history is told through architecture, artefacts and old houses.

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