Lost World of Tambun

Lost World of Tambun

By Shafika Tahir (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Lost World of Tambun – Lost World theme park in Ipoh


Lost World of Tambun is 40 acres of fun! Home to 6 amazing parks, you can enjoy a day of adventure around the water park, amusement park, adventure park, tiger valley, petting zoo and the tin valley! Aren’t you excited for some fun?!


  • Amusement Park

The amusement park features 7 rides and attractions. If you are a thrill-lover, here are some rides you got to try!

-Storm raider – a 180 degrees swing pirate ship that takes you for some stomach churning fun, so be sure to seat tight!

-Haunted chambers – If you love horror and spookiness, then this is the attraction for you! Get ready to be scared in the dark haunted chambers, watch out for the sides and keep your eyes wide open as they will scare you from anywhere!

  • Adventure Park

It is probably my favourite part of Lost World of Tambun! Overcome the obstacles and build your character. It is all about team work, trust and confidence. The high rope challenges, the 6th mile tunnel, abseiling, the battle of boga, and the super adventure race all aims at bringing out the best in each participant, so challenge yourself to the limits!

  • Water Park

Get yourself wet in the water park! Featuring 6 water rides  – the adventure river, sandy bay, jungle wave pool, tube raiders, kids explorabay, and cliff racer is Lost World’s never ending splashtacular!

  • Petting Zoo

Experience a close encounter with your animal friends! Meet Ruby the gentle, adorable raccoon, the cuddly rabbits, the beautiful giraffes, and your feathery friends! With over 50 species of animals, it will be an amazing and a great educational experience.

  • Tiger Valley

Witness the power, the agility, and the strength of these magnificent Siberian tigers during the feeding times which will be at 3pm and 4pm daily!

  • Tin Valley

An interesting attraction in the Lost World of Tambun, where kids can have a chance to experience tin mining. Visitors can also learn about the history of tin mining in Ipoh through the history walk and trail.


The Lost World of Tambun is always filled with so much fun and excitement! The water park, exciting rides, a mini zoo and much more surprises awaits you at this an all-in-one theme park! What more could one ask for? You have to visit this attraction when you are here!

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