Little India Singapore

Little India Singapore

Little India Singapore – Little India’s vibrant culture and heritage


Little India’s vibrant culture and heritage is certainly a must-to-visit when you are in Singapore. Get ready to excite your different senses with a blend of various flavours, aromas, scents, sights, sounds and learn about the culture of the Indians in Singapore.

The streets of Little India Singapore provide a typical Indian bazaar feel, with many shop owners trying to sell their wares, while others enthusiastically offering you their traditional Indian savoury and sweets to try. You may also want to try out one of their ceremonial tradition, henna, which is usually applied on their hands during special festivals or weddings to beautify and adorn themselves for these special events. You can get it done by any of the henna artists.

During major Indian festivals like Deepavali, the streets of Little India come alive with beautiful decorations to mark the festival of light, and many Indian families will gather here to celebrate the wonderful day.

Fill your tummies with savoury North Indian tandoori dishes, delicious South Indian food, and popular local food like the roti prata and teh Tarik along the streets. You should try to spot how the experienced brewers ‘pull’ the hot milk tea, it will be such an amazing sight. Although they make it look so easy, but it actually requires skill and years of experience.


Other attractions of Little India Singapore are:

Mustafa – It is opened twenty-four hours a day and undoubtedly one of Singapore’s most popular shopping centres. It carries a wide array of items and you could almost find everything here, and at much cheaper prices than other shops out there!

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple – It is a 19th century Hindu temple and is perhaps the busiest one in Little India. The beautiful exterior of the temple and hundreds of small colourful statues are hard to miss. The interiors are just as remarkable. If you were to come to this temple on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays, you will see some people praying. You can  join them in the prayers if you would like to, or just stand one side to observe.

Temple of a Thousand Lights or The Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple – It is a famous Buddhist temple and this temple got its name from the room that is filled with thousands of lights. This temple was constructed in the year 1927 and houses a large, fifteen-metres tall statue of a Buddha.


You can’t miss the vibrant streets and the hospitality of the Indian street vendors when you are in Little India, learn about their unique culture and traditions. Visit Little India Singapore today!

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