Langkawi Temple

Langkawi Temple

The World Famous Langkawi Temple


Langkawi is more than just beautiful beaches, night markets and attractions. Langkawi also has many Buddhist Temples like Wat Koh Wanararm, a traditional Buddhist Temple. which is also a popular tourist attraction.

Wat Koh Wanararm temple, is also known as Langkawi’s Lucky Temple. It got its name ‘Lucky Temple’ as it is believed that miracles happened to the devotees who went to pay their respects and conduct prayers in the temple.

The temple was built by a Thai monk, named Luang Phor Khoon. The Wat Koh Wanararm Langkawi complex was opened in 2014. It was graced by the presence of monks and dignitaries from Taiwan, Tibet and many other Asian countries, NGOs, local authorities and the local Buddhist community. Ever since its opening, many devotees and worshippers have came here to practice meditation and pray.

The largest building in Wat Koh Wanararm Temple is the main prayer hall. It is absolutely serene when you enter. You will be welcomed by a monk who is seated in a lotus position. Blessings upon devotees are given with drips from a golden bowl containing holy water and Sai Sin Sacred Thread Bracelets for protection and luck.

The serenity of Wat Koh Wanararm Temple temple is very holy. Overlooking the Lucky temple, is a huge 138 feet tall, white marble statue of Kuan Yin (the Goddess of Mercy). It took two years to carve out of the hill side, by two skilled Chinese stone artisans from Fujian in China.


You got to come and visit this temple when you are in Langkawi!

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