Khoo Kongsi Temple

Khoo Kongsi Temple

By Lybil (Oeuvre personnel) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Khoo Kongsi Temple – The largest clanhouse in Penang!


Khoo Kongsi Temple is known to be one of the grandest clan temple in Georgetown. It symbolises the dominant presence of the local Chinese community in Penang. The brilliant workmanship of the temple, and the craftsmen’s attention to details is simply mind blowing! The temple’s elaborate designs, intricate wood carvings and beautiful Chinese architecture is a true work of art! Today, Khoo Kongsi Temple has become one of Penang’s most prominent historic attractions!


How did Khoo Kongsi Temple came about?

The Khoos clan were believed to be one of the most affluent, if not, the wealthiest traders during the 17th century in Penang. The temple was founded by the Khoo family that came from the Sin Kang clan village in China, but they migrated to Penang later on and formed a clan group, and built the temple. It was built for the main reason of showcasing the Khoo family’s affluence and success.


What will you see in the temple?

Today, the temple is rebuilt, and it is the Khoo Kongsi temple, which you see today. The ingenious architecture of the temple signifies prosperity and good luck. Designed by the best craftsmen of china, the ingenious architecture of the temple gives its visitors a wonderful feeling! The interior houses great stuff like birthday portrayals by murals, pavilions and 36 statues of divine guardians. You will also be awe-inspired by the stunning and refined ceramic immortals sculptures, the glow of orange shade originating through massive paper lamps, and the splendid dragons and carp fishes encircle the high roof ridges.

On the mid-level of the temple, that is where the prayer pavilion is. To the left of the building, you will see a kitchen. Meals will be prepared in this kitchen and served normally only when there is a special occasion or event.

On the ground level of the temple, you can visit the museum and learn more about the history of the Khoos family members. The central hall of Khoo Kongsi Temple is the main place of worship. You can also see the main ancestral hall where gold and black tablets of the ancestors of the Khoo clan are arranged in terms of their ranking. Awards achieved by each individual Khoo ancestors are also written on the plagues.


Come on down and visit this incredible temple when you are in Penang! It will be a truly mesmerising experience and an eye-opener indeed!

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