Kerachut Beach

Kerachut Beach

Kerachut Beach – A beach with a surprise!


Kerachut Beach also known as Pantai Kerachut, is a beautiful beach, at the far northwest end of Penang. If you are love a serene beach, away from all the hustle and bustle, then you would love Kerachut Beach! Located at the far end of the island, Pantai Kerachut is definitely much less populated then other beaches. The peaceful, long, white sandy stretch of beach is a paradise! But what makes this beach really special is that it is home to Penang’s turtle sanctuary!

Located just behind Kerachut Beach, you can find the turtle sanctuary. Their aim is to protect against the dwindling numbers of green sea turtles, and their extinction. What they do at the turtle sanctuary is they try their best to increase the chances of survival for these sea turtles when they are out in the wild. So how they do this is when the sea turtles come onto the beach at night to lay their eggs, they will hatch around 60 days later. Once the eggs hatch, they will keep the newly hatched turtles in small ponds, and only release them back into the wild after they are old enough, and stand a good chance of survival on their own. So, it increases the odds of these baby sea turtles surviving into adulthood.

The best time to visit Kerachut Beach is probably between April and August as that is the time when these green sea turtles will come up onto the beach and lay their eggs. For the olive ridley turtles, it is from September to February.

Opened from 10am to 4.30pm everyday, you can visit the sanctuary any time, but do avoid their lunch hours which is between 1pm and 2pm, as they will be closed.

So, if you would like to make your way down to Kerachut Beach, you can either take a two-hour trek to reach the beach from the Penang National Park or, you can also hire a boat here, from the entrance of the Penang National Park.

This beach is great for sun-tanning and relaxing, but if you want to swim on the beach, or do some water sports, then you might want to visit other beaches. Batu Ferringhi beach will probably be a better choice for beach activities, as swimming is strictly prohibited on this beach.

But, overall, Kerachut Beach is a really nice beach, and a very interesting one indeed! So, if time permits, why not visit here!

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