Kea Farm Market

Kea Farm Market

“Garden of Malaysia”

If you’re looking for cooling off Malaysia’s heat, Kea Farm Market is perfectly preserved in the Cameron Highlands. As the highlands are at a height of 1,500 meters, the climate is quite different from that of the rest of Malaysia. Temperatures of 15 to 25 degrees ensure that fans and air-conditioning systems have a time-out while the sweater is used. This climate also ensures that the Cameron Highlands is a unique cultivation area, almost the “Garden of Malaysia”. Strawberries grow in countless greenhouses, but also water grass, leafy vegetables, and roses are cultivated in greenhouses or fields. Most famous area is the cultivation of tea.

Kea Farm Market

One of the most visited tourist places in Cameron Highlands. Kea Farm is a farming district which is located in Cameron Highlands which is located at 3 km north side of Brinchang civic area and 3 km before Tringkap. It is a very popular for large vegetable market which is crowded along with the main road. Kea Vegetable Market is also known as the Green Cow of Cameron Highlands. Most of the visitors and tourists come on weekends. Various farmers and traders sell best of their goods and crops from dawn to dusk including greens, strawberries, souvenirs, corn, honey, flowers, and much more. There would be delicious looking bi-colored sweet corns which have various grades and they call them A, B, C grade based and prices are also varied according to it.

As the Kea Farm Market comes nears at closing time, you may find big bargains on the fresh stock. There are some well-known tourists’ attractions lie within the surrounding areas that include Rose Center, Butterfly Garden, and Ee Feng Gu.

Farming Intensive Area

Kea Farm Market is a farming intensive used area in the Cameron Highlands. One of the most important fruits and vegetable markets of the region. From morning till night, local farmers and breeders sell here various items such as flowers, fruits, and vegetables, as well as souvenirs and crafts. Kea Farm Market has a huge selection of vendors and stalls selling fresh local produce, one of the best Malaysia local vegetable markets! Head down to try some today.

At Kea Farm Market, there are also many stores which are selling souvenirs also ranging from T-shirt to simple key chains with embossed and printed Cameron Highlands motifs. There is surely something for everyone which you can bring back to your home so you can say proudly that you were in the Cameron Highlands!

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