Juara Turtle Hatchery

Juara Turtle Hatchery

Juara Turtle Hatchery – Juara Turtle Project in Tioman


The sea turtle population is in critical danger of extinction. Juara Turtle Hatchery Project is a conservation project, which was established to protect the marine and coastal biodiversity in Tioman. The sea turtle population is extremely vulnerable to the effects of human activity – Noise, pollution and global warming, has adverse effects on these poor sea creatures.


How did this Juara Turtle Project came about?

Juara Turtle Hatchery project began as a government-run hatchery in the year 2001. It is run by a team of caregivers who especially care for these endangered turtles. In the year 2008, Juara Lagoon had joined efforts with the current directors to create an environmental and conservation effort that involves local community, schools, volunteers, visitors and tourists.

The demand for their eggs, meat, exterior skin and other organs in the market, and the limitations of scientific information on the state of sea turtles that nest on beaches that are outside the protected area, are the main motivation behind this project. The development and implementation of this conservation project aims to:

  1. Protect and conserve sea turtle populations at the nesting site.
  2. Strengthen the process of generation and registration of reliable scientific information to unify criteria for the conservation of species.
  3. Involve the public and create awareness through education and citizen participation in the process of consultation and decision-making on the protection of these marine turtles.
  4. Offer coastal communities economic alternatives to the extraction of eggs and the killing of sea turtles.
  5. Implement sustainable, non-extractive use of turtle resources.
  6. Planning and management for the protection of endangered marine species.
  7. The integration of regional efforts for the conservation of highly migratory species, and
  8. The inclusion of marine and coastal spaces in conservation strategies through the creation and management of marine protected areas.

The mission of the Juara Turtle Hatchery Project is to develop highly considerate practices regarding Sea Turtles and Environment, around and in Tioman Island. They also want to create an study the database of the marine life to protect Tioman’s ecosystem.


Juara Turtle Project in Tioman is an important project. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to participate in this extremely meaningful conservation project at Juara Turtle Hatchery when you are here! Nothing beats doing a part to save these wonderful little sea creatures. Don’t you think so?

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