Ipoh Temples

Ipoh Temples

By Anandajoti (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Ipoh Temples – Cave temples in Ipoh


Ipoh is known for its unique limestone caves, which some are dedicated for religious purposes. Beautiful temples are built within the natural cave formations, making them a must-visit attractions in Ipoh!


Built within the natural state of the cave, Kek Lok Tong was restored after the iron ore mining ceased, and it reopened in the 1970s to visitors. The impressive stalactites and stalagmites formation in the caves will leave you in awe at nature’s beauty! What is so special about this temple, is the lovely garden which you can find at the back of the temple. You can also get a free ‘foot reflexology’ treat here!

It is one of the most famous and frequently visited temples in Ipoh. Perak Tong was built in the year 1926 by a Buddhist monk, named Chong Sen Yee. You can see a 40 feet tall, sitting Buddha, which probably is the centerpiece of the cave temple. If you climb to the top of the temple, you can admire the stunning views of Ipoh!

  • Kwan Yin Cave Temple

Also known as Goddess of Mercy cave temple, you will find more than 70 statues of Kwan Yin around this temple! The other attraction here in Kwan Yin Tong Cave Temple is its water feature. You will see a Japanese wishing fountain, where you can make a wish.


These are some of the famous caves temples in Ipoh, known for their beauty and uniqueness, so make you way down and visit these temples when you are here! Read more about them and check out more temples below.

Here are some popular temples in Ipoh

perak cave temple

Perak Cave Temple

kek lok tong cave temple

Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple

sam poh tong cave temple

Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple

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