Ipoh Museums

Ipoh Museums

Ipoh Museums – Top museums in Ipoh


Ipoh is home to many different types of museums, but wouldn’t you want to visit some of the more unique and interesting museums here? These are some of our highly recommended museums in Ipoh that you wouldn’t want to miss out on! Check out some of them below.


Ho Yan Hor tells the story of how a humble tea brand has made a huge name for itself today. Dr. Ho Kai Cheong is the founder of Ho Yan Hor. He made the tea brand into a success story, but it wasn’t without any trials and tribulations. He overcome the difficulties he had with pure determination and hard work. Today, the museum is dedicated to him in honour of his contributions to society.

It is Malaysia’s 1st Hakka tin mining museum. A three storey high building which displays various artifacts, photographs and collectibles from 19th and 20th century. When Han Chin Pet Soo opened in February 2015, many visitors started to visit this museum because they were curious to see the world of the tin miners’ club. Previously, people who were not from the club never had the chance to experience and see what goes on in the club, but today, Han Chin Pet Soo museum makes it possible. If you would also like to visit the museum and satisfy your little curious minds, you definitely can, but please ensure that you make a prior booking before going.

An interactive 3D art museum, which is all about fun and laughter! Enjoy a family and friends’ bonding session. Go creative and imaginative, and click away with your cameras! Talented artists of Funtasy House Trick Art makes these art pieces highly engaging and obsessive! So just let your hair down and have a blast with more than 20 artworks for you to play around!


These are just a few of the museums in Ipoh that you must visit when you are here. Have a spectacular museum time in Ipoh!

Here are some popular museums in Ipoh

Han Chin Pet Soo

Han Chin Pet Soo

Ho Yan Hor Museum

Ho Yan Hor Museum

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