Ipoh Attractions

Ipoh Attractions

Ipoh Attractions – The best of Ipoh


Ipoh is one the amazing cities of Malaysia, in the state of Perak. If you are wondering what are some of Ipoh’s top attractions, you can check out our ‘Guide to Ipoh’ below.


  • Art of Old Town: One of Ipoh’s must-visit attractions, the Old Town is famous for its street art which tells a story on Ipoh’s history through its murals. It is also located near other attractions like the Funtasy House Trick Art, Ho Yan Hor Museum, Han Chin Pet Soo and the Concubine Lane, which you can visit too.
  • Temples: Ipoh is known for its beautiful temple. Some of them include the Perak Tong, Kek Lok Tong & Sam Poh Tong temples. These limestone cave temples make use of the caves natural formation for its temple, making them uniquely gorgeous!
  • Museums: Ipoh is a city with a rich history and they are home to some of the most interesting museums! From a herbal tea museum, which tells a story behind the success of the famous Ho Yan Hor brand, to an interactive trick art museum or a tin mining museum, which reveals the dark secrets behind the tin miners club, one can learn so much about Ipoh’s history just from a visit to these museums!
  • Theme Park: If you think that Ipoh has no theme parks then you will be in for a surprise! There are not just 1, but 2 major theme parks in Ipoh! The Lost World of Tambun is one of them. It is the city’s most spectacular 6-in-1 theme park, where it integrates an amusement park, a water park, an adventure park, a tiger valley, a tin valley, and a petting zoo! The Movie Animation Park Studios is another theme park which you can find in Ipoh. Divided into 6 thematic zones and 38 attraction and rides, there is something for every kid and adult!
  • Shopping: Ipoh Parade Shopping Mall is one of the largest shopping malls here. Featuring over 215 retail stores, whether you are shopping for clothes, gadgets or supermarkets, finding a nice dining place or entertainment centre, Ipoh Parade certainly fits it all!


If you are not sure what do in Ipoh, you can visit any of these highly recommended attractions in Ipoh! There are plenty of fun things to see and do here, and if you are still unsure, you can also check out more attractions below! So, what are you still waiting for? Book a private limousine to Ipoh today!

Here are some popular attractions in Ipoh

Art of Old Town Ipoh

Art of Old Town

Funtasy House Trick Art

Funtasy House Trick Art

Concubine Lane

Concubine Lane

Other things to do in Ipoh

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Ipoh Museums


Ipoh Temples


Theme Parks Ipoh

Theme Park

Ipoh Shopping Malls


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