Interesting Places In Mersing

Interesting Places In Mersing

Interesting places in Mersing – Things to do in Mersing


Mersing is a main departure point for ferries, which takes you to the beautiful nearby islands, such as Tioman Island, Pemanggil Island and Rawa Island. Purchasing fresh seafood at affordable prices is a one of the best bargains you can get in Mersing.

Although Mersing is a small village, but there are definitely things to do in mersing while waiting for the jetty. Take a trip around the island, and it will for sure, delight your senses. Be it strolling on the beaches or tasting the village cuisine, here are a few interesting places in Mersing that you might want to visit when you are here.


1. A visit to the Mersing marine park centre, gives you a clearer understanding of the entire area as well as all the regional islands. You can easily gather all the information you would like to know about this place.

2. This place also has some amazingly beautiful, blue waters. If you are amongst those who would like to dive in the deep oceans, this is definitely the place for you. There are local instructors here to guide you on the safety measures that needs to taken, and also the tips and tricks of diving in deep oceans. If you are confident enough, and have the right equipments for diving, you can even go on your own.

3. One of the beaches that you can visit is Air Papan. Located 15 minutes away from Mersing jetty, you can enjoy a stunning view along the coast of this beach, as you drive pass coconut palms and rice paddies, with the cool breeze blowing against you.


These are just some things you can do in Mersing, while waiting for your ferry.

Here are some beautiful islands that you can reach from Mersing jetty

Islands Near mersing

Islands near Mersing

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