Ho Yan Hor Museum

Ho Yan Hor Museum

Ho Yan Hor Museum – Ipoh’s famous herbal tea museum


If you are planning a trip to Ipoh, you got to visit Ho Yan Hor Museum. Ho Yan Hor is known as one of Malaysia’s longest history and trusted brand of herbal tea. Said to have many health benefits, Dr Ho Kai Cheong who is the founder of the Ho Yan Hor tea named the herbal tea, believing that everyone can benefit from the tea. But do we know anything about the origin of the hugely successful tea? Ho Yan Hor Museum gives a peek into the outstanding success story of his tea. The museum was built as an honour given to Dr. Ho for his contribution and achievement in his life.

The museum tells you the history and success story behind Ipoh’s famous herbal tea, the humble beginnings of the founder. It tells a story on how HO Kai Cheong began his journey with his herbal tea from a modest tea stall, cycling from one town to another to sell his tea, to a successful entrepreneur and a philanthropist he is today. He overcame his tribulations with determination, hard work and perseverance.

On the first floor of the museum, you can see a kitchen which was carefully replicated to the original look of the central kitchen. It was where Ho Kai Cheong used to recreate his herbal tea. On the second floor of the museum, you can see the handwritten promotional materials which he used to market his herbal tea. There are also other artefacts which you can also feel free to take a look at around the museum. Before you leave the museum, you can get a sample of the famous herbal tea.

Opened from Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00am to 4:00pm, you should definitely visit Ho Yah Hor Museum. It is conveniently located just beside Han Chin Pet Soo museum!

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