Hiking in Kuala Lumpur

Hiking in Kuala Lumpur

Hiking in Kuala Lumpur – Top hiking spots in KL


Amidst the urban city life in Kuala Lumpur, this city also offers beautiful hiking spots for nature lovers to explore. So, if you are up for some adventures and hiking in Kuala Lumpur, then head down to these top hiking spots in the city and enjoy the green lungs in the urban city area.


Top hiking spots in KL

Capture the picture-perfect scene of the morning sunrise, along with a stunning backdrop of the mountains and rainforest, and the neighbouring towns and rural villages, once you are are on the top of Broga Hill. If you wake up in time for the sunset, you might even be able to catch a glimpse of the beautiful skies with hues of orange as the sun rises.

FRIM is a great hiking spot where not only will you get a great workout, there are also a diverse species of flora and fauna which you can admire in this forest reserve. FRIM is a great place for activities like cycling and jogging, to hiking or simply having a nice picnic. It is also an educational tour where you can learn about the wonders of nature and the important roles they play. It is a great place for nature lovers!

  • Saga Hill

There are multiple routes to choose from which leads to the waterfall at the peak. It is a moderately challenging hill with steep uphill and downhill slopes along the trail.

  • Tabur West Hill

A challenging hike, that is more suitable for experienced hikers. If you are a first-timer at this place, it is best to go with an experienced climber who is familiar with the routes as it could be quite dangerous and even experienced climbers do not find it easy. Once you have reached the peak, you will be rewarded with magnificent views!


These are some of KL’s best hiking trails that you should definitely try out if you like to be around nature.

Popular hiking spots in Kuala Lumpur

Bukit Broga Hill

Bukit Broga Hill

Forest Research Institute

Forest Research Institute Malaysia

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