Hiking in Melaka

Hiking in Melaka

Hiking in Melaka – Best Hiking Trails in Melaka


When you think of hiking in Melaka, Gunung Ledang trail definitely comes to your mind. There’s no better place to hike in Melaka. This 1,276m high mountain is definitely the climb to conquer. It takes about 5 to 6 hours for a fit person to climb up the mountain.

Gunung Ledang mountain lies between the states of Johor and Melaka so visitors can climb up from Asahan (Melaka) and go down from Ledang (Johor). A proper mountain guide is necessary and you can get one from the Ranger’s office.

There are 2 gates at the entrance. Gate A is for those who just want to see and relax around the waterfalls, but you won’t be able to climb up the mountain from this gate. Gate B is the right entrance for those who are ready to climb to the summit.

This hike is definitely not for the weak-hearted. Gunung Ledang is the highest mountain in the state of Johor. It will require determination to reach the top. Which is also why, it is one of the best hiking trails in Melaka. It is a true test of your endurance. Some fitness and experience of trekking will be recommended for this trek. For beginners, you need to be mentally prepared to walk on slopes for prolonged hours. Every year, Gunung Ledang attracts many mountain climbers who wants to put their physical fitness and mental strength to the test.


If you are ready for an adventure in Melaka, why not take up the challenge at Gunung Ledang and have a rewarding experience!

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