Hiking In Cameron Highlands

Hiking In Cameron Highlands

Get Lost in the Beautiful Mountainous Trails of Hiking in Cameron Highlands

The hilly region of the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia is famous for its hiking trails and cool natural surroundings. It is a nice break from the usual hustle bustle of daily routine and therefore both locals and foreigners are drawn for hiking in Cameron Highlands. Hiking in Cameron Highlands is a paradise for backpackers and people who love outdoor activities.

Hiking Preparations 

Before you begin, remember to gear up with a good pair of shoes, anti-repellent cream, snacks and lots of water along with a strong willpower. You will find many options of guided tours but finding your own way is always more exciting. There are many Cameron Highlands hiking trails that you can choose from to start your adventurous journey –

Gunung Brinchang 

Which is also Jungle Trail No.1, Mount Brinchang is the tallest peak in Cameron Highlands and is a tough trail. You get the most picturesque view of the Titiwangsa mountains from an observation tower on top of Mount

Brichang.Parit Hills

Trail no. 4 is a fairly easy hiking track which begins in Tanah Rata, north of Century Pines Resort and after a short walk you reach the Parit Hills and eventually the trail leads you through a small settlement to Cameron Highlands’ only golf course.Gunung Beremban – probably the most difficult trek is the hike to Mount Berembun.

You can take many different trails, namely 3, 7 and 8 to climb this steep summit where they all come together. There is also a way that goes through Robinson Falls (trail no. 9) which is perhaps the simplest. The forest is pretty thick out here and the all the trails take about three hours to reach the top.

Trail No. 10 

This tough climb takes you to Mount Jasar, which has a gorgeous view of the mountains and forest around, crosses trails 11 and 12 on the way and finally ends in the risky trail no. 6 taking you through Cameron Bharat Tea Estate.

Robinson Falls

Trail no.9 is a simple trek that goes downhill taking you to Robinson Falls, which is prettier of the two falls near Tanah Rata. The trail begins from Tanah Rata, 1mile southeast from Mardi Road. For a nicer trek, walk trail no. 9A that will take you to the Boh Tea Estate.

Hiking In Cameron Highlands is the way to go if you are seeking for adventures . Try out Cameron Highlands Hiking Trails to surround yourself with nature and fun times.

Here are some popular hiking trails in Cameron Highlands

Mossy Forest

Mossy Forest

Cameron Highlands Jungle Trail No. 1

Cameron Highlands Jungle Trail No. 1

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