Haw Par Villa Singapore

Haw Par Villa Singapore

Haw Par Villa Singapore – Singapore’s hell-themed theme park


Haw Par Villa is a hell-themed theme park, displaying over 1000 statues and 150 giants dioramas, illustrating scenes from Chinese mythology and folklore. It will be a unique, and definitely eye-opening experience for all. If you are looking for a different kind of experience, and are interested in the Chinese culture and myths, then you should definitely pay a visit to Haw Par Villa!

Built in 1937, Haw Par Villa Singapore was initially known as the Tiger Balm Gardens. It was constructed by Aw Boon Haw for his little brother, Aw Boon Par. They were the creators of the Tiger Balm Chinese ointment brand. Tiger Balm Gardens was a location for teaching conventional Chinese values – such as filial piety, charity, resistance to evil-doings, and about one’s afterlife. Its name was changed later in 1988, by the Singapore Tourism Board, who took over it and renovated the place, which was renamed as Haw Par Villa Dragon World.

The Ten Courts of Hell is the most popular attraction of Singapore’s hell-themed theme park. It features horrific illustrations of hell in Buddhism and Chinese mythology – it shows  how people are punished in the after-life for their bad deeds. A gruesome, but interesting experience, that all of us should come to take a look, and reflect upon. However, this place might not be suitable for kids.

You can also find more scenes from famous Chinese legends like Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Journey to the West, Legend of the White Snake, Eight Immortals, Twenty-Four Filial Exemplars, telling you stories about the Chinese Mythologies.

Haw Par Villa is opened from 9am-7pm daily, but do note that the latest time you can enter this place is at 6pm, and 5.45pm for the ten courts of hell. You can easily reach here from the MRT, by alighting at Haw Par Villa Station on CC25 of the circle line. Make your way to this one of-a-kind museum today! Entrance to this theme park is free.

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