Han Chin Pet Soo Ipoh

Han Chin Pet Soo Ipoh

By Chriscwy5435 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Han Chin Pet Soo – Tin mining museum in Ipoh


The first ever Hakka tin mining museum in Malaysia is no other than Han Chin Pet Soo. The tin mining industry was managed by Hakka migrants from China. Han Chin Pet Soo museum narrates the story of the Hakka people – the history of the Chinese community in Ipoh. It brings to light the darkness of the tin mining industry, and what actually went on behind the elegant pretence at the miners’ club. Prostitution, opium smoking, gambling and triad activities are some of the activities commonly indulged inside the club.

The founder of Han Chin Tin Miners club was no other than Leong Fee. The club was a gathering for Hakka miners who used it as a place to relax after working hard in the tin mines. No one else was allowed in. When Leong Fee died, the club was managed by his son. However, he later sold it to the members of the club at a really cheap price. The members of the club continued to use it to play mahjong. However, as time passed, the condition of the building became worse and eventually ended up in such a bad state that it was almost beyond repair, So, in 2013, the club was rented out to the Ipoh World, who wanted to preserve this building as it was a precious part of Ipoh’s  history and heritage. They restored the building back to almost its original condition. Through photographs, collectibles, and artefacts exhibits in Han Chin Pet Soo, you can learn a lot about the tin mining industry.

The museum is open from Tuesday till Sunday only, and please make prior bookings before your visit to avoid disappointments! Ipoh World at Han Chin Pet Soo tells an interesting history of Hakka community and an insight into tin mining. It is definitely a place you should visit when you are in Ipoh! It is a unique museum with an unusual, unique experience. So, book a tour and take a peek into the history of the Hakka miners!

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