Funtasy House Trick Art

Funtasy House Trick Art

Funtasy House Trick Art – 3D trick art museum in Ipoh


Located in Jalan Market, in Old Town Ipoh is a 3D art museum known as Funtasy House Trick Art. It is one of the newest yet a quickly rising popularity attraction! Funtasy House Trick Art is for anyone and everyone who just wants to have fun and fantasize! It was built to let out the inner child in you, there is no age limit! So, just come here and let your imagination and creativity run wild!

This crazily popular attraction is a 3D trick-art gallery that is designed by artists to trick your minds, making these images come alive in photos! The murals at Funtasy House Trick Art were painted by 9 local talents. You can be part of a circus act, or explore the ocean with deep sea creatures and the top predators of the sea. You can even hang in mid-air, upside down and pose however you want! Hold on to the frog’s tongue and avoid being eaten alive! Hide well from the hungry rat who is looking for its next meal! You can also be part of a mad surgeon’s experiment or be levitated from a dracula’s coffin! How cool is this! Funtasy House Trick Art brings the impossible alive through these creative 3D murals!

Whether you are coming with your friends or kids or families, it will be a great bonding session, filled with cheerful laughter! With more than 25 murals to explore and play around, you can definitely snap many amazing photographs! You can also ask any staff to assist you with the group pictures, they will be more than happy to do so.


Opened from 9am to 6pm on weekdays, and till 8pm on weekends, come on down and have amazing time! Visit Funtasy House Trick Art today, and capture these beautiful memories with your loved ones!

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