Chinatown Singapore

Chinatown Singapore

Chinatown Singapore – Must visit heritage centre in Singapore


Chinatown Singapore is one of the must-visit heritage centre in Singapore. It is rich in history and culture, filled with traditional shops and markets, and not forgetting mouth-watering local food. You can also find many places of worship and museums to visit in this heritage.


Popular attractions in Chinatown Singapore:

  • Street Market

This is probably the most popular attraction in Chinatown, where you will find many traditional shops selling cheap souvenirs, clothes, fabrics, and all kinds of stuff.

  • Food

You never have to worry about finding a good place to eat when you are here. Chinatown Food Street is an open food street, which sells the best of Singapore local cuisine, such as chilli crabs, stingray, prawn noodles, BBQ chicken wings, satay, hokkien noodle, char kway teow and wanton noodle. One highly-recommended stall that you can’t miss when you are here is the Tiong Bahru Meng Kee Roast Duck, which serves really delicious roasted meat! Also, if you still have some stomach for some dessert after that, you should definitely try Mei Heong Yuen dessert stall – known for their snow ice. My personal favourites are the watermelon and lychee snow ice, and the almond with egg white.

  • Festivals

During festivals like the Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinatown will have some amazing performances.

  • Temples

These are some popular temples to visit in Chinatown:

-Thian Hock Keng Temple (Temple of heavenly happiness) is Singapore’s first Hokkien temple. Located in the heart of Chinatown Singapore, this Taoist-Buddhist Temple was built in 1820, and is devoted to Goddess Ma Zu Po. The typical Chinese architectural design of tiled curved roofs and intricate carving designs are really beautiful.

-The Sri Mariamman Temple is Singapore’s oldest shrine and first Hindu Temple. Built in 1827 by Indian immigrants, the temple is dedicated to Goddess Mariamman – who is the goddess of disease and protection. The temple is built in the Dravidian style of architecture with a tall entrance tower and beautifully decorated figurines of Hindu Mythology.

-Lastly, the remarkable four-storey Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. The temple was built in a blended style of Buddhist mandala and Buddhism of the Tang Dynasty. The main features of the temple include the bell and drum towers, the gold two-meter stupa on the 4th floor where the sacred relic lies, and the pagoda that has a huge prayer wheel.

  • Museums

– The Baba house. It is a museum, holding artefacts and furniture belonging to the owner, Wee Bin, a shipping entrepreneur who was a Peranakan descendant. You can visit this museum to have a deeper understanding of the Peranakan culture in Singapore.


In addition to the above, there are many more attractions in Chinatown that makes it so popular with tourists. Chinatown heritage is a true gem. You have to visit here when you are in Singapore!

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