Changi Museum Singapore

Changi Museum Singapore

Changi Museum Singapore – A story on Singapore’s history


Changi Museum Singapore tells a bitter story about the agonising past, which Singapore had to go through during the Japanese invasion, between 1942 and 1945. The fall of Singapore during the World War II, led to the Japanese occupation of Singapore. Today, the Changi Museum commemorates the prisoners of war, who suffered dreadful treatments in the hands of the ruthless Japanese soldiers during the war time, and the heroes of that time. It will definitely be an emotional experience as it brings to light the true horrors and hardships of war and Singapore’s history.

Changi Museum serves as a significant learning institution and information centre, through the many documents it holds relating to the horrific war time in Singapore. The current generation can learn about the acts of valour by the heroic people such as Lim Bo Seng – the war hero.

The main feature of the museum is the Changi murals, a multitude of wall paintings that were recreated from the original ones by bombardier Stanley Warren. The museum also houses the Changi university which is a research centre, showcasing rare materials about life during the war time. Visitors can further increase their knowledge by watching videos screenings like ‘Elizabeth Choy’ and ‘Changi Through The Eyes of Haxworth’.

There is free entry into the Changi Museum, and you can visit this museum anytime from nine-thirty in the morning till five in the evening. After visiting the museum, you can continue to other sites like the Changi beach, the old Changi jail, Changi Village and the Selarang Barracks.

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