Cameron Square

Cameron Square

Cameron Highland Mall – Should Not Be Missed to Visit

Malaysia is an ancient tradition merged with contemporary culture. Malaysia is a land of the Green Mountains and glittering beaches. Tourist can find a diverse culture in this country. The capital “KL” is the dynamic driving force of the peninsula, the tempo slows down on the outlying islands, while in the lush interior a lot of adventure awaits you. A multiethnic society with tasty cuisine, Malaysia is more efficient than Indonesia, more favorable than Singapore and one of the easiest touring countries in Asia.

Malaysia is a shopping hub and there is something for everyone. Shopping in Malaysia is a favourite activity for Locals, Expats and also for Tourists. There are many malls and shopping spots where you can bargain also for your favorite items.

Malaysia attracts its visitors to the Cameron Highland and it’s amazing Cameron Highland Shopping Mall. It has a beautiful landscape and a magnificent nature and not to miss Cameron Highland Shopping Mall. Many different peoples and cultures have gathered here centuries ago: Indians, Chinese, and Indonesians and, of course, Malays. Even today, cultural objects such as temples, mosques, and shrines testify to the diversity of religions in Malaysia.

New Shopping Experience – Cameron Square

There are many small and big shopping spots in Cameron Highland. However, Cameron Square is the upcoming new shopping experience. Cameron Square is one of the most famous shopping malls in Cameron Highland, it has managed to attract many tourists because it is an attractive spot for F&B business and for retails. It is the first shopping mall of Cameron Highland and one of the most popular shopping malls. And it is not only famous among the tourists and visitors but it is also famous for local people.

Cameron Square is situated in Kea Farm near the Brinching Area. It is a 3-level shopping complex which is located at a very tactical location in Cameron. Cameron Square is easily accessible and also easily connected with nearby many attractions such as Strawberry Farms and Butterfly. It is designed for 160,000 square feet of area that will surely raise the profile of the people around here.

There are many beautiful things you can buy from Cameron Square including Gadgets, Fresh Vegetables, Fruits Produce, Apparels, and many other articles. Cameron Square is the home to stalls key chains, t-shirts, unique timepieces, cute knick-knacks, songket, household decorations items, shoes, figurines, and many other attractive items.

All in all, in Cameron Square, there is something for every taste and budget. You will find the local items to branded articles – It all depends on what you are looking for when shopping at Cameron Highland Shopping Mall.

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