Cameron Lavender Garden

Cameron Lavender Garden

Enlighten your Heart, Mind and Soul at the Luxuriant Cameron Lavender Garden

The gardens you must have visited so far would have been ordinary. If you haven’t come across Cameron Lavender Garden then you have not witnessed the most admirable site yet. This blooming garden frames your eyes with subtle yellow, pretty purple and aggressive red plants, it will lets you live in the moment peacefully. This colorful ordeal also paves ways for amazing pictures which you can admire once you are back.

Flourishing Lavender Garden

The Cameron island‘s freshest attraction is a park that is floral themed and accompanies a terrace hill that ascends you towards a flourishing Lavender garden. The scent of lavender plants will content your smelling senses as you reach the place and see a huge plot of lavender planted right at the park’s centre.

Moreover, you will certainly be surprised at the number of lavish flowers grown here alluring you with different kinds of camellias, a sea of lavender, morning glory, tulips, yellow daisies, gerberas, peonies and extraordinary roses. Everything is so beautiful and vibrant that you’d wish you stayed there forever. At least I wished so.

Special Desserts

The lavender ice-creams and cheesecakes however, are the most famous aspect here. If you want to relish the best lavender flavoured ice cream then think no more, as you will be served with the best lavender ice-cream here. The cafes and shops there, are always filled with people’s demands for lavender drinks, ice-creams, strawberry pastries or cheesecakes. One can also take back home amazing stuffs like plush dolls, berry jam, hilarious fridge magnet, juices and strawberry jams from the stores. You better get hold of it at the right time.

Other Interesting Attractions

Furthermore, you will find quiet interesting things there to look at like huge strawberry sculpture made of tree at the entrance of the garden or a Morris minor car settled in a vintage setting or perhaps a scary minion at the exit. The whole vibe is positive and impressive. You can also post lovely sayings in the wooden houses that are placed there signifying health, wealth and love. Once you are there, then the whole place is for you to explore as you will move ahead you will come across some magnificent pinkish and purple plants also some adorable sunflowers that are absolutely great to look and touch.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and gain that organic boost from visiting Lavender Garden in Cameron Highland.

Cameron Lavender Garden is a must visit attraction for those who love lavenders! You have to try the locally made lavender cheesecakes and ice-creams which are a huge crowd pleaser!

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