Cameron Highlands Temple

Cameron Highlands Temple

Proficiency and Finesse of Cameron Highlands Temple

Besides offering you with best Entertaining theme parks, great shopping premium outlets and absolutely amazing places to dine. Cameron highlands is also famous for its great temples. After all, charm of the region not only comes from its hill stations, beaches, historical monuments, but also its Temples.

In fact, exploring the architectural marvels of Cameron Highlands Temple here are as imperative. It is also a blessed and sacred place one cannot avoid. Especially, when it is exclusively designed and structured making it look like a part of heaven. Sri Thendayuthapani Swami Temple and Sam Poh Temple are two such brilliant temples that one must visit when in Cameron highlands.

Sri Thendayuthapani Swami Temple

It is said that this marvellous temple is significant in all the four ways that is historically, socially, architecturally and culturally. Commonly also known as ‘chettiars temple’. This temple is also the oldest construction of Cameron respectfully sanctified to Murugan, also called by the name Thendayuthapani.

It has been established as living signature and testimony for all the contributions he made to colonial economy of Cameron Highlands. It was basically an institution for religious activities which also managed to function as commercial and social space for Chettiars.

Murugan represents virtue, youth and power, and is assigned to be Chettiars clan deity. The temple is also associated with the major festival called Thaipusam, that is largely celebrated by hindus of Tamil.

It was designed in a south Indian manner and its five tiered monument of Gopuram right at the entrance. Also was once the most magnificent and tallest monument in Southern Asia. It has been excellently decorated and embellished by the deities of Hindus statuaries involving various kinds of Murugan and Shiva manifestation.

Such a sacred Cameron highlands temple also holds weddings according to their traditional rituals and offers free food to everyone on special occasions and is a highly popular spot among tourists.

Sam Poh Temple

Sam Poh temple is a Buddhists temple that has been established in brinchang. It has a huge number of collections of impressive statures and also the most richly and largely decorated temple of the country. Come and relax yourself in exquisite and peaceful surroundings along with admiring the breathtaking views from the top here.

Majestic Beauty

Temples in Cameron highlands are really a great site to watch and a serene place to worship. Hence, a vast number of tourists come here to appreciate the majestic beauty and offer their prayers. You have to visit 2 of Cameron Highlands temple – Sam Poh Temple and Sri Thendayuthapani Temple. The two famous temples in Cameron Highlands because they are magnificent!

Here are some of the famous temples in Cameron Highlands

Sri Thendayuthapani Swami Temple

Sri Thendayuthapani Swami Temple

Sam Poh Temple

Sam Poh Temple

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