Cameron Highlands Jungle Trail No. 1

Cameron Highlands Jungle Trail No. 1

Gunung Brinchang, Cameron Highlands Jungle Trail No.1

The Best Trekking Spot in Cameron Highlands

The Malaysian hill station of Cameron Highlands is every adventure lover’s perfect holiday destination. With over fifteen hiking trails to choose from (that range from easy to tough). People visit Cameron highlands to get away from their busy schedules and to bask in the tranquil of the dense forests and cool environment. Brinchang and Tanah Rata, two of the main towns in Cameron Highlands, have beautiful hilly terrain and hiking tracks made through natural greens of the forests and mountains surrounding them.

One of the best hiking spot in Cameron Highlands – Gunung Brinchang, Cameron Highlands Jungle Trail No.1.

Gunung Brinchang or Mount Brinchang, set at a height of 6,666 feet, is the tallest peak in Cameron Highlands. It is a tough, uphill hike but the scenic landscape is totally worth it, especially the extensive view of the Titiwangsa Mountains from a watch tower on top of Mount Brinchang.

Cameron Highlands Jungle Trail No.1 takes you through the dense jungle, taking about a couple of hours to reach the top. Starting from the usual forest ground it gradually goes through mossy jungle surroundings, giving it the name of Mossy Forest (because of the moss that covers the trees). In under half hour you will find a welcome dip in temperature and the dry track changes into wet and muddy in no time. And if it is a rainy day then extra caution should be taken. So it is advisable to wear a good pair of shoes and even to carry an extra pair, just in case.

Natural Sightseeing

Keep your eyes open for tropical creatures like insects, frogs, snakes and also birds and small animals like civets on the Cameron Highlands Jungle Trail No.1. There are many tiny view points on the way up from where you can witness beautiful sightings of the neighbouring mountains and rainforests. The Cameron Highlands Jungle Trail No.1 will take you past many butterfly and honey farms, moss covered vegetation, huge creepers, strawberry farms, wild orchids and tea plantations.

Once you reach Mount Brinchang’s top, you can climb atop the observation tower and get a fantastic view of mount Irau. It is about three to four hours hike from here. To head back down you can choose to go the same way you came up or there is another path, much longer but which takes you through the picturesque slopes of BOH tea plantation, Malaysia’s biggest black tea producer.

Cameron Highlands Jungle Trail No.1 is the best hiking spot. Take up the challenge and be rewarded with beautiful, breathtaking views!

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