Cameron Highlands Attractions

Cameron Highlands Attractions

The Magical Cameron Highlands Attractions

Cameron highlands attractions have innumerable brilliant things to offer and are probably one of the prettiest places in Malaysia. The climate here is excellent and that resulted in the development of narrow village paths with English cottages by the Britishers. Some of the great sites this chilly hill station offers are strawberry plantation which is extremely sweet to smell. Making the whole atmosphere pleasant, a prickly farm of cactus or sprawling tea domain etc

The beauty of this hill station is enhanced more through butterfly farms, lavender garden, honey bee farms; Thompson falls which makes the place quiet pristine. Malaysia certainly hides a gem inside it, as the pleasant weather here and crisp wind along with the greenery will cover you with its serenity.

Moreover, how can anyone not be addicted to the amazing farms where honey is enriched and cultivated? The huge butterfly farms are what will take you by surprise as they are so colourfully appealing and delightful.

However the following lists of places will let you know the Cameron Highlands Attractions:

A visit to the lovely farms 

There possibly couldn’t be anything better than spending your time in sweet gardens of strawberry savouring it as much as you can or how about discovering the butterflies peacefully? There is no doubt that the people who once visit Cameron Highlands Attractions become totally obsessed by its beauty.

The great Boh plantation

It the most biggest and expansive tea plantation, which is extremely famous in Malaysia that offers breathtaking scenery and boundless lush of tea farm. One can also enjoy sipping of this exclusive tea on the restaurants terrace which is located at the edge of the hill. The land area of this plantation is 1200 hectares and is said to represent 70% of Malaysia’s tea production.

Mossy forest or cloud forest

Your trip is incomplete without the pit stop at this amazing upper montane forest. The view it offers is exhilarating and is considered a spectacular place for sunsets and sunrise. The trees here are draped into spongy and porous moss. The whole experience turns into a fairytale when the wet and windy weather surprises you with its impeccability.

Orang Asli village tour

The most interesting as well as exciting place to visit. It will turn out to be the highlight of your holiday to Cameron highlands attractions. The village gives an indigenous vibe and one can swim in water holes and enjoy with the local children there. Also embrace the local trend of leaves practiced in this village.

Now that you know this place, you wouldn’t want to miss out on these highly rated tourist attractions in Cameron highlands. Take a tour to these attractions and experience the wonders of Cameron highlands.

Here are some popular attractions in Cameron Highlands

Boh Tea Plantation

Boh Tea Plantation

Cameron Highland Orang Asli Village

Cameron Highland Orang Asli Village

Mrs. Robertson’s Rose Garden

Mrs. Robertson’s Rose Garden

Cameron Lavender Garden

Lavender Garden

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