Cameron Highland Orang Asli Village

Cameron Highland Orang Asli Village

The Intriguing Lifestyle of Cameron Highland Orang Asli Village

If you want your excursion to turn out exceptional then a tour to Cameron Highland Orang Asli Village is ought to be done. You can explore this different and simply beautiful village with the help of ecological guides. The guides will enlightens and elaborates on the information of these village people. They will educate you on unique herbs and plants of the forest.


There are different kinds of tribes that reside in the forest. The concept ‘Orang Asli’ stands for original or authentic people in the place of Bahasa Melayu. The kind of tribes you will get to see three types that is Negrito, Orang Melayu Asli and Senoi. Senoi resembles Malaysians while the darker ones are Negrito. The ‘Negritos’ have been part of Malaya for 8000 years now. They have sustained their living through hunting meals like monkeys and birds using of handmade blowpipes to attract them. Cameron highland Orang Asli village will fill you with interesting details about the tribe’s culture and their way of living.

Authentic People Houses

Furthermore, the houses that you will come across are distinctively designed. It is established high on stilts to keep away the heat of Malaysia. Also one more reason that makes them build the houses higher is their belief of being animists. They assume that there are certain spirits on plants and trees which move liberally on the land. They refrain from disturbing them. Isn’t it intriguing? If this doesn’t then their unique language and amusing physical appearance will surely does.


The tribes are also said to have a particular chief for each group. The chief handles the power of taking decisions and also decides on weather if the tribe should migrate or no. However, the tribes do not move for simple or insignificant reasons. Severe reasons like death or illness might convince them to do so. Their house is covered by the roof of leaves and is mainly located near the river inside the forest as that is the only means of water.

This subtle and pleasing Aboriginal Village Cameron Highlands will surely make you learn things that you cannot experience anywhere else. Learn more about their food, tools and musical instruments which might really surprise you. It is also an exceptional way to learn about the forests too.

Orang Asli village Malaysia is an Aboriginal village located in Cameron highlands. Come down to experience Orang Asli’s culture and the daily life of these Malaysian natives.


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