Cameron Bar & Grill

Cameron Bar & Grill

Head Over to the Cameron Bar & Grill for a Fun Time

Cameron Highlands is Malaysia’s most extensive hill station. Its named after its ‘discoverer’ William Cameron, a British surveyor. It is a favourite holiday destination for its adventurous activities involving hiking and camping along with beautiful views and nice cool climate. This does not mean that there isn’t any nightlife entertainment in Cameron Highlands. It may not be a hub for much hustle bustle post sunset but the many restaurants light up and are thronged with visitors enjoying the cool surroundings, dinner and drinks. We strongly recommend try the local brew.

The Trip to Cameron Highlands isn’t complete if you haven’t visited its many pubs and cafes, which serve excellent food and an array of beverages. For those who like to get out and continue having fun much after sundown, there are many popular bars and clubs like the Cameron Bar & Grill.

Lakehouse resort in Cameron Highlands

Lakehouse resort in Cameron Highlands, which right away reminds you of a magnificent Shakespearean manor. It is built on a hill with the state reserve woodlands surrounding it with a direct view of the lake, Sultan Abu Bakar. This is where the welcoming Cameron Bar & Grill is located. It is open from eleven in the afternoon till late at night. You can enjoy a nice quiet evening in the cozy and sophisticated interior of this bar that will make you feel as though you are in an actual English pub. The adjacent lounge has a hearth burning that gives the whole place a warm, inviting and pleasant feeling to enjoy an after-dinner drink. The Lakeside Terrace next to the Cameron Bar & Grill provides you with an awesome view of the landscape, while you sip on a nice cup of tea accompanied with scones and strawberries.

Cameron Bar & Grill

Cameron Bar & Grill is known for its exclusive collection of English Scotch whisky. It also serves a variety of beer and other alcoholic drinks and cocktails. You can enjoy your time sipping on your beverage and having an intimate time with friends and loved ones. An aperitif can be enjoyed in the ideal settings of Cameron Bar & Grill before you set off to the restaurant for some authentic English cooking. Sports enthusiasts will have good time watching their favourite sports channel here that run on big TV screens.

Cameron Bar & Grill is a popular spot for nightlife entertainment in Cameron Highlands. A perfect place for drinks and to hang out with friends.

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